I have owned Dexter for over 2 years. He is a real ladies man and guys you might want to look out. Dexter is said to hold the soul of a 15 year old boy who was killed by his girlfriend in early 2000. Dexter when no one is watching is a real naughty boy. He likes to move plates the most. I have set a plate in front of him overnight the next morning it’s broke on the floor. I mentioned if you are a female that Dexter will like you. He has been known to wink at girls when they look at him. Guys, sorry he isn’t a big fan of you. He has been known to leave scratches on guys and yes one time burns. When Dexter was alive he played football and he was a big wrestling fan. So i guess it would be why he doesn’t like guys. He is very masculine. One of my favorite Dexter moments is I kept a camera on him overnight and caught him waving at the camera. I guess he just wanted to say hi to everyone. I had originally posted the video of him waving on YouTube but had to delete it after a week because to many people was telling me that they were experiencing really weird stuff. I see Dexter as a little brother but don’t let that fool you he messes with me on a regular basis. If you want to know about Dexter ask me. He loves the spotlight.


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