Story behind my doll Jesse

maxresdefault-707292.jpgWhen I got Jesse the former owner told me the story behind him and why she considered him to be a haunted doll. She said back in the early 1980’s a family was living in Middle Tennessee near Brentwood. The family consisted of a mom a dad and 2 brothers. One day the dad was at work and got a phone call that his house was on fire. He raced home to find his house in flames. He lost his wife and 2 boys in the fire. After the firefighters got the fire put out the dad went through the debris and found his little boys favorite doll. The doll I now own. She said when the dad gave her the doll she was told that the dad could still hear his sons voice and swore that it came from the doll. Things moved and he could hear crying at night. The lady said she had not heard anything when she owned the doll at first but one night she was startled awake by a bang in the attic. After that she gave me the doll. I haven’t experienced anything with him yet so I can’t say if the story is true or not but to me just to me it’s an interesting story and a sad story at that.


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