Story Behind Chum

I decided that because so many of you really like the story behind Jesse I would give you a second dose of background story on one of my dolls. I got Chum when I visited Salt Lake City Utah last year. I was in a old antique store and found this old looking doll in a back corner. I picked it up and thought honestly it looked creepy enough that I could just put it with my collection. I went to the woman at the front of the store and when she saw the doll she looked at me with concern and asked if I was sure I wanted to buy the doll. I said yes and she said that she had to warn me before she could sell me the doll. She said that a man had given her the doll when she was a little girl. When she got the doll strange things started happening at her house. Plates would break without anyone touching them and doors would lock on there own. She said she was to young to understand what was going on and all she knew was that she was scared. She would cuddle up with chum at night to keep safe. As she grew up she said that the strange events kept happening and they were getting worse. She was getting scratched and bruised. Finally after having the doll into her college years she contacted the old man who gave her the doll and told him what was going on. The old man told her that his  grandmother owned the doll at one point. She was very protective of the old man as a child that he thought the spirit of his grandmother now haunted the doll and would not like anyone else to have the doll unless it was him. She went on to tell me that she was going to send the doll back to the old man but the next day she found out the old man had passed away. She was stuck with chum. At the time of me getting chum she was in her mid 30’s and she said that after the old mans death the activity had gotten even more violent. I took the doll knowing the story and yes I do believe that chum has the spirit of a grandmother who just wants to be able to protect her grandson again and will not stop being active until the doll is returned to the old man. Somehow.


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