I have had Jeffery for about 6 years. He was one of the first ones I got when I got into doing this. I got him in Louisiana in a shop that sold scary stuff and supposedly haunted things. Jeffrey is supposedly haunted by a young Male singer that was killed during an event he was doing in Georgia. He kept this doll that he had for years as his good luck charm. The lady who sold me Jeffrey said that she has heard a guy singing but no one was there. I have also heard someone singing but no one is there. Once I put Jeffery in a box the singing has stopped. Jeffrey doesn’t hurt anyone I honestly believe that he just wants to finish the performance he started years ago.


3 thoughts on “Jeffrey”

  1. This is actually really doesn’t seem like that the ghost is all that scary. Most of the time when you hear that something is haunted its always something bad but, not this. Like you said he only wants to finish his performance, I know I would want to start something that I have started.


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