Where it all began

So all of you decided on letter B. So here it is. When I was a little boy I had a doll named Baby Jack. He was a baby doll that I treated like my brother. Weird I know. Well I would keep Baby Jack in my toy chest when I didn’t play with him. The weird thing was that when I came back to get him he wouldn’t be in the chest. He would be in another room or something like that. Well when I grew up I put Baby Jack in the attic. One day I came home from school and there he was on my bed. I asked my mom if she had put him there and she said no. So I put him back in the attic. Next few nights I would hear footsteps in the attic. So I took the doll to a priest and told him what was going on. He did a cleansing of the doll. After all that happened everything stopped. I became fascinated with the supernatural and decided I wanted to learn more so I started collecting the dolls that I have talked about along with more.


3 thoughts on “Where it all began”

  1. Wow, this is crazy! This is something I am definitely scared for but still interested about… It’s really cool how you got into all of this. How many dolls do you have?


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