So I get this call right

So I get this call right a few days ago from this lady back home. She tells me that she has been hearing things in her basement and that she didn’t know what was down there. The reason I tell you this is because about a year ago I told this lady about my doll collection. She told me that she found this old old old doll in her back yard when they were planting a tree and she kept it in her house. I should go on and say now that that is not a smart move. I never asked for the doll because there wasn’t much activity when she kept it up until now. So what do you guys think? Should I get the doll and do some research on it and see what I can find? I personally think that the doll is haunted because of what has happened since she brought the doll into her house but I could be very wrong. You see spirits can attach themselves to something close to them like dolls. That being said they can attach to other things so really its trial and error to figure out what the object is. What are your thoughts?


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