Is it really worth it?

So I have been doing this doll collection thing for a while now. I enjoy it not so much that the dolls may or may not be haunted but I get them because of the history and the stories behind them. It’s like a good mystery to find out what could be in these dolls and if it’s nothing then the story was worth the price. These dolls are not the cheapest things in the world. On average my dolls cost me 100 dollars or so sometimes more. To me the money doesn’t really matter because I really enjoy the stories that I can tell people like you and that to me is worth the money I pay. I have been told that is a waste of money but to me it’s the same as buying shoes or something like that. We buy stuff we really don’t need on name brand stuff. To me it’s the same thing I buy dolls because of the story they have not so much they are cool looking or anything.


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